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Beyond Breathing book cover shows light shining down on a sunny field

Beyond Breathing

In Beyond Breathing, Margarete Cassalina's personal journey takes you, one breath at a time, from the darkest depths of grief to the powerful realizations of what life and love truly mean.

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The See You at Sunset cover shows peach and yellow sparkely sunlight over a butterfly about to land on a dandelion.

See You At Sunset

See You at Sunset is a fictional narrative about a young girl who needs a miracle. As the story slowly unfolds, lives intersect, fate intervenes, and you learn that love never ends.

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The Embracing the Beaty in the Broken book cover shows a cracked vase with white flowers in front of an elegant sofa.

Embracing the Beauty in the Broken

Embracing the Beauty and the Broken is more of a conversation with a friend than a book. In thirty powerful, raw and real, chapters of conflict and resolution, Margarete shares compelling stories of loss and overcoming obstacles with authenticity and humor.

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  • 5
    "See You At Sunset" was many things to me - honest, heartfelt, precious and real. Despite the fiction status of this book - if you are a kid, a mom or a medical professional, you will relate to this book in way that is personal and speaks to your heart. Bottom line - this book brought me smiles, tears and most importantly comfort. Thank you Margarete for you courage and your grit!
    RDG, Verified Amazon Reviewer
  • "Your words really did inspire a lot of people here, and I continue to hear how you have touched people with your story. Techs now talk about making sure we continue to make high quality medicine for people like your son – on time, every time. I’ve seen a new found energy in them. You did everything I hoped to inspire people and more."
    Marla J. Pugh
    Head Of Communications, Novartis Pharmaceuticals
  • "You are a true leader. Thank you so much for sharing your story. It will make an impact with all our female sales leaders."
    Jeff Hazard
    Division Vice President of Sales, ADP
  • "I had the pleasure of partnering with Margarete on a content creation project with the goal of motivating and inspiring caregivers and patients in the cystic fibrosis community. Working with her could not have been more seamless, professional, and rewarding. The content that she created exceeded everyone's expectations - it was beautiful, powerful, emotional, and honest. Not only did it resonate with the CF community, it also impacted patients and caregivers in other disease categories. She is a true inspiration and role model to everyone who she comes in contact with."
    Anna Khersonsky
    Chandler Chicco Agency
  • 5
    Beyond Breathing is a journey we all need to take. It brings the importance of living in your moment to life.
    Mariah Mayfield
  • 5
    To read Beyond Breathing is to endure and enjoy the remarkable gift of parenthood. Beautifully engaging, frank, open and real on every page, you can expect to cry, and to feel in your mind and heart the gift of human love.
    Pablo Slim
  • 5
    I was extremely impressed with See You At Sunset! It was very well written and descriptive. I had a lot of trouble putting the book down because I was so immediately invested in the characters. Margarete was once again able to show the power of love with an amazing story.
    Mallory, Verified Amazon Reviewer

Having the Strength that Only Love Can Bring

Margarete Cassalina is a publicly recognized motivational speaker, award-winning author of Beyond Breathing, See You At Sunset, and Embracing the Beauty in the Broken, and a national advocate for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Speaking straight-from-the-heart about life, love and the power of perseverance, Margarete's passion and determination inspires audiences to step beyond their limitations. With her encouraging reflections on overcoming hardships and loss, Margarete guides readers to finding the power within and redefining what personal success truly means in this adventure called: LIFE.

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